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GB100 S NC


The GB100 S NC is a sensational machine, equipped with a 4 or 6 metre core bench with a cylinder-driven core extraction system!


  • Robust and rigid structure 
  • GS500 spheroidal cast iron head with high mechanical resistance and innovative guide system (Patented)
  • Bending axis, chain and cylinder, compact and durable that ensures a constant bending speed for high performance and precision
  • Mandrel extraction system driven by a cylinder 
  • C Axis (Bending Angle), X2 Axis (Slip Side Displacement) and Y2 Axis (Booster Displacement) hydraulic and programmable with digital value reading
  • Two-axis manual spindle machine riage positioning (Y1=feed and B=Rotation)
  • Available extension of 2 meters
  • Allows to import and convert .iges Tekla & .dxf files (optional)
  • Wi-Fi access


Flexion Modulus
55 cm3

Max outside diameter
120 mm

Max bending radius (CLR)
400 mm

Min bending radius (CLR)
40 mm

Max bending angle

Installed power
5 kW

Number of storable programs

Bending speed

Hydraulic oil capacity tank
200 Lt hydraulic oil

Noise level
63 dB

Dimensions mm LxLxH
6200 x 1570 x 1485 mm

Weight (Approx.)
3000 Kg


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