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The GB200 CNC is equipped with the KST tube clamping system, an interactive touch screen PLC with manual or remote control and Springback setting adjustment for each bend.


  • CNC Hydraulics for large diameters fully automatic
  • Max loading capacity Ø 180 mm
  • Minimum bending radius 40 mm
  • Intuitive and visual programming (touch screen)
  • Feasibility analysis with real machine cycle simulation
  • Programmable booster
  • Simple and intuitive control
  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • Automatic core internal lubrication
  • Optional remote assistance
  • Import formats .iges .dxf .Tekla (optional)


  • Programmable angle 0 -195°
  • YBC & XYZ compatible programming
  • Adjusting the Springback setting for each bend
  • USB for unlimited saving of programs and information
  • Quick tool change system for increased productivity
  • Patented Ercolina KST tube clamping system
  • Interactive PLC with touch screen ensures easy access to manual and automatic operation modes; integrated system diagnostics and multilingual operator interface
  • Touch screen control with 3D view of the tube and anti-collision tube/machine, tube/floor, tube/external elements and tube/equipment system
  • Remote control by hand
  • Import .iges .dxf .Iges Tekla files (optional)


Flexion Modulus
185 cm3

Min outside diameter
10 mm

Max outside diameter
180 mm

Max bending radius (CLR)
500 mm

Min bending radius (CLR)
40 mm

Max bending angle

Installed power
33 kW

Number of storable programs

Bending speed

Hydraulic oil capacity tank
300 Lt hydraulic oil

Noise level
63 dB

Dimensions mm LxLxH
8000 x 2800 x 1850 mm

Weight (Approx.)
14700 Kg


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