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The MG030-A is an extraordinary machine, small, easy to use, fast and performing. The machine most loved by customers Ercolina, the tube mandrel bending machine essential for craft work, but with large quantities, for a repeatability of the product essential.


  • NC with electromechanical bending axis
  • Core and soulless curve, thanks to removable mandrel table
  • Max capacity 64 mm (2 “ Gas)
  • Minimum bending radius 1,5 D
  • Simple and intuitive control
  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • Variable bending speed (in models with inverter)
  • Service equipment: 40 and 50 mm hexagonal shafts, 5-pin foot control, universal slider and 4-arm handwheel


  • FST closure system (Patented) with auxiliary system for stabilizing the hydraulic pressure of the slide
  • Programmable C-axis bending and positioning of the 2-axis manual spindle carriage (Y1=Feed and B=Rotation) with high resolution encoder and standard adjustable mechanical stops
  • Multifunction control keyboard integrated in the machine body with microprocessor control with multifunctional menu; 30 programs of 9 bends each can be memorized (MG030-A-V2T); the TC PLUS Control has unlimited programs with 30 curves each that can be stored in memory
  • Screen for digital display for carriage feed (Y1 Axis) and rotation (B Axis) 
  • External pressure gauges for easy setting of the system and closing pressure
  • Variable bending speed up to 4 rpm (Inverter versions)
  • 1.5, 3, 4 and 6 meter mandrel tables available
  • Pneumatic chuck


Flexion Modulus
10 cm3

Min outside diameter
10 mm

Max outside diameter
76 mm

Max bending radius (CLR)
200 mm

Min bending radius (CLR)
20 mm

Max bending angle

Installed power
4,2 kW

Number of storable programs
30 x 9 (MG030-A-V2T)
Unlimited (TC Plus)

Bending speed
Variable with Inverter

Hydraulic oil capacity tank
15 Lt

Noise level
65 dB

Dimensions mm LxLxH
2500x 950×1250 mm (1,5 m)
4000x 950×1250 mm (3 m)
5000x 950×1250 mm (4 m)
7000x 950×1250 mm (6 m)

Weight (Approx.)
680 Kg (1,5 m)
850 Kg (3 m)
900 Kg (4 m)
1010 Kg (6 m)

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