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Microcrop. One-cylinder hydraulic ironworker with three work areas.

Punching equipment from ø 1 7/16x5/16" thickness, with blades for cutting with minimum deformation, rectangular notching and electric limit switches.

Ironworker - one cylinder punching machine with 3 work stations:

  • punching
  • shear for flat bars
  • angle cutting

Excellent cutting quality on the shearing of flat bar station

  1. Punching equipment up to ø 1 7/16x5/16" Through thickness.
  2. Blades for cutting ø with  minimum deformation
  3. Rectangular notching
  4. Electric stop



Shear for flat bars 350 x 6 / 200x13 mm.
Punching Ø 27x10 mm.
Shear for section iron L at 90º 80x80x8 mm


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