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TB050t-a nc


The TB050T- A is a sensational machine, equipped with a removable mandrel table with digital display for positioning values and spindle rotation, capable of bending up to 50×3.31 mm!


  • Versatile and competitive machine
  • Simple and intuitive NC control
  • 30 programs storable from 9 curves each
  • 3 and 6 meter core benches available
  • It can be used with Ercolina tools of the series without core
  • Bend with and without mandrel, thanks to the removable mandrel table
  • Standard equipment: 40 and 50 mm hexagonal shafts, 5-pin pedal control, universal cursor and 4-arm handwheel


  • Electromechanical and programmable C-axis of curvature
  • Manual positioning of B and Y axis with display of values on digital display positioned on the spindle
  • Possibility to program bends sequence, mandrel pre-extraction and springback angle compensation
  • Independent adjustment of clamp and presure  die
  • Micrometric wiper die adjustment
  • Auxiliary system for stabilizing the hydraulic slide pressure
  • Quick tool change system
  • On request available extension of 3 or 6 mt for mandrel table
  • Pneumatic clamping


Flexion Modulus
6 cm3

Min outside diameter
10 mm

Max outside diameter
60 mm

Max bending radius (CLR)
200 mm

Min bending radius (CLR)
20 mm

Max bending angle

Installed power
3,5 kW

Number of storable programs
30 x 9

Bending speed
1.25 / 2.5

Hydraulic oil capacity tank
15 Lt hydraulic oil

Noise level
63 dB

Dimensions mm LxLxH
4000 x 950 x 1250 mm

Weight (Approx.)
430 Kg (3 m)  
530 Kg (6 m)


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