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Plasma tube and profil cutting system DRAGON

Plasma Cutting System for cutting and processing tubes, pipes and profiles up to D = 100mm. In addition to the simple cutting of defined lengths, connection contours (for example fish mouth) can also be produced at the cut edges. Cut-outs can also be made directly on the workpiece, e.g. round holes, ellipses etc..

  • digital programming and fully automatic work programs
  • B&R-control with 10.1 "touch display
  • Standard equipped with HYPERTHERM-POWERMAX
  • usable working length: 3.000mm /12.000mm (standard)

The Plasma Cutting System DRAGON comes standard with Hypertherm Powermax plasma source power sources. These offer excellent cutting quality in compressed air-operated power sources (in terms of straightness and freedom from beards and cutting speed) as well as a very long service life of the wearing parts (nozzle and electrode). As a result, the Powermax devices stand out clearly from other cutting sources.

In principle, all electrically conductive materials can be cut with plasma. For alloyed steels, however, the results are significantly worse. The cut edge is rougher and more oblique. In addition, the cutting edge is black, that burn the alloy components and the steel can rust at this point. In any case, reworking (e.g., grinding) is required. For thin-walled material (up to 1.5mm) when using Fine Cut nozzle, a quite clean and acceptable cut is possible.

Really clean cuts in stainless steel are only possible with multi gas systems (e.g. Hypertherm HPR, Kjellberg HiFocus) using different technical gases (oxygen, argon + hydrogen, etc.).

Properties Values
usable length (mm) 3.000 / 12.000 mm
Revolution speed (Z-axle) max 100 °/s
Rat of feed (X-axle) max 750 mm/s
Nominal motor capacity 5,6 KW
Weight 400 kg (3m Maschine)
Dimension 3400 x 1100 x 2000 mm


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