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Drilling Machine Batteries


A large fixed work table is often of interest, since:


  • This offers greater comfort when laying out the parts and elements necessary.
  • Voluminous or heavy parts can be anchored to it.


For these cases, we offer you our batteries, machines governed by a rule when being constructed: flexibility.

Besides being for heavy, voluminous parts, these constructions are very interesting for long serial projects where more than one operation must be carried out on the part, since when it is passed from one bit to another, different operations are conducted on it. Of course, each bit can have different equipment, according to its function (automatic drilling cycle, automatic tapping cycle, wash, etc.)


Of note is that with the batteries, the bits can rotate radially, broadening the field of application and providing for a greater number of operations, with no need to move the part on the work table.

At IBERDRILL, we offer you endless combinations so that you can make the machine that best fits your needs. Tables with different widths and/or lengths can be combined with one, two, three... or up to six different bits. You can find detailed information on the different table sizes and the number of bits in the accessories section.



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