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420 CNC bending press

420 CNC bending machine for bending and straightening

The Stierli-Bieger 420 CNC is a very efficient system that is equipped with a modern touchscreen colour display and 2-axis control. The operator can program the system very easily. The bending angles required can be programmed and adjusted after the first angle. 200 programs can be saved. Other programs can be swapped in via an interface. The stroke setting can be adjusted in the program at any time in +/- 0.1° steps to offset material-related tolerances.

It is operated with the foot switch or the special manual control cable, with which jogging mode, automatic mode and the straightening function can be actuated.

The 200 mm tool holder and the strong pin with a diameter of 80 mm enables versatile use and easy fitting of simple tools. The central bending pin holder is reinforced by a hardened steel bushing. Three further holes are for the plug-in pins of the pipe bending or straightening tools. Tools equipped with the quick-change holder are used for bending.

The very large working plate ensures effective positioning of very large bent parts. The special oil-lubricated guided cylinder requires no maintenance and no open guide! The machine can be transported easily inside the factory with a crane or pallet truck. Two tool trays provide organised storage of the tools so that they are always to hand.


420 CNC bending machine for bending and straightening

Working power 42 to / 420 kN
Tooling height 200 mm / 7.87" (inch)
Bending capacity flat 200 / 20 mm
Straightening capacity HEA 180
Pipe bending 3/8" - 1 ½"
Round bar ø 35 mm
Control CNC Control


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