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420 CNC-W Hybrid

420 CNC-W Hybrid horizontal bending centre

The Stierli-Bieger 420 CNC/W bending machine is a very efficient system that can be equipped with a modern 1 or 2-axis control. The operator can program the system very easily as the screen leads him through the dialog. The required bending angle and stop dimensions can be programmed.

The material-related spring back is calculated from bending tables which are saved in the control system and can be adapted or extended as required. In addition, the length before bending and the stop positions are calculated automatically. You can save 100,000 programs with 20 different bends each. Fast and fine speeds are already set in both axes. The 200 mm tool holder and the strong pin with a diameter of 80 mm enables versatile use and easy fitting of simple tools. Tools that can be changed easily and quickly are used for bending.

The very large working plate ensures effective positioning of very large bent parts. The special oil-lubricated guided cylinder requires no maintenance and no open guide! The foot pedal is used to start the bending operation.


420 CNC-W Hybrid horizontal bending centre

Working power 42 to / 420 kN
Tooling height 200 mm / 7.87" (inch)
Bending capacity flat 200 / 20 mm
Control CNC Control


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