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All Electric Pipe & Tube Bending Machines


  • All axes are servo motor controlled
  • Controlling ability of servo axis speeds from control panel
  • Footpedal control
  • Step by step and fully automatic working capability
  • Capability to work with three dies (for certain diameters)
  • Dies can be supplied for any demanded size
  • Operational ability with/without mandrel
  • Capability of bending steel, stainless steel, aluminum and similar bendable tubes in simple or compex shapes
  • Practical interface program prepared in Akyapak
  • Program making possibility in YBCmode
  • Tube length can be calculated in the part program
  • Online Modem Connection / CD-ROM Backup
  • 3D preview of writen program
  • 15” color touchscreen PC
  • Starting up serial production after short period training
  • Production quality certified by CE, ISO 9001-2015, TSEK ve TURQUM
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